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17 år 4 månader sedan #16544 av Verlag Hephaistos
MetallDesign international 2007 skapades av Verlag Hephaistos
The ninth edition of our “MetallDesign international” yearbook has something novel to offer for the year 2007: For the first time Albert Paley will be presented in a German-language publication. But, this is not the only reason for browsing through the book: Other high-class appetizers are Terrence Clark, Michael Haase, Lothar Klute, Lars Larsson, Jan Odvarka, Brad Silberberg and Torsten Theel. The yearbook presents their works on 232 coloured pages, complete with descriptions in German and English.

The American Albert Paley belongs to the most well-known and prominent metal designers these days. All over the world he enjoys a reputation as an innovative metal artist, in particular for his sculptures and gates. On account of the large number of English-language publications on his sculptures which were created long before the year 2000, our yearbook concentrates on the younger works of Albert Paley in particular and on his metal design in the applied field.

An American metal designer of quite a different complexion is Brad Silberberg, one of the leading blacksmiths in the United States of America and a demonstrator much in demand at blacksmiths’ meetings all over the world. Through handling metal, Brad Silberberg has come to a completely new view of the material and the environment, of design and the own ego which is reflected in his forge-works.

Contrasts which create an area of conflict characterise the works of the Swedish metal designer Lars Larsson. Ecclesiastic commissions, such as candle stands and candelabra, are contrasted by profane motifs, such as bowls and dishes or bulls. His small and large projects can be admired in churches and public buildings all over Sweden.

Up to now the young Czech metal designer Jan Odvarka, a graduate of the Turnov-based Metal Design School and stylistic pupil of Alfred Habermann and Paul Zimmermann, has been hardly known to the general public at large. Until recently he participated only in larger exhibitions in the Czech Republic. For the first time, our yearbook offers a comprehensive overview of the creations of Jan Odvarka.

The Englishman Terrence “Terry” Clark is a blacksmith and designing philosopher who carries his conviction to the outside with inner fervour. His forge-works are characterised by the “English school”. Straightness mixes with traces of English humour. The chapter on him is a voyage of discovery into a diverse world of contemporary English metal design.

Michael Haase from the German town of Krefeld portraits himself as a blacksmith, who “does not shoe horses”, and who “does not even forge always”. The metal designer has no fear of contact with modern technology or craftsmen from other trades, whom he consults when the unusual is to turn into the normal in metal.
The Berlin-based Torsten Theel counts up three factors which turn his work into modern metal design: “The knowledge of handicraft, traditional and contemporary techniques, the gift to see and understand natural shapes, and the own imagination”. Torsten Theel, one of the unnoticed artists in the scene, presents his philosophy and works in a book for the first time.

And finally, Lothar Klute from the small German town of Schmallenberg is a belligerent designer and fervent critic of current developments in the blacksmiths’ trade. Lothar’s examples for contemporary metal design can be admired at his “Galerie in der Waldemai”. Those who cannot drop by there, will have “MetallDesign international 2007” as a textbook in future.

METALL DESIGN international 2007, by Peter Elgaß (publisher),
232 pages, German and English, about 500 photos, in four-
colour-print, hard-cover, 42.00 Euro

orderings to:
Gnadenberger Weg 4
D-87509 Immenstadt-Werdenstein
tel. +49 (0)8379/728016
fax +49 (0)8379/728018,
online-bookshop: [url=http://www.metall-aktiv.de:lqhislk8]www.metall-aktiv.de[/url]

All the yearbooks of 1999 to 2006 are still available!
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Svar från marberg i ämnet MetallDesign international 2007
OBS Priset på "marknadsplatsen är lite tokigt. Det står 42:00 Skr i prisuppgiften men 42:00 Euro i texten.

Erfarenhet är när man börjar känna igen sina misstag.
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17 år 4 månader sedan - 17 år 4 månader sedan #16560 av Johan Sangberg
Svar från Johan Sangberg i ämnet MetallDesign international 2007
Javisst och enu mer står det här om hur företag kan bidra till Antracit genom att köpa annonsplats i form av en banner. Å inte e det dyrt heller men kunde kanske ge mer resurser till Antracit?


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Johan Sangberg
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